Friday, October 8, 2010

Yard Haunter Extraordinaire

The most elaborate yard haunter I've ever encountered resides on Grove Street in Clifton, NJ (just south of Route 3).  The Dentist's House, as people around here refer to it, sports tens of thousands of dollars worth of props, animatronics, and lights (volunteers actually sit outside as night watchmen to make sure no one steals or vandalizes the displays).  On October nights, the sidewalks framing this corner property are choked with amazed onlookers.  For me personally, visiting the site (whose decorations seem to proliferate every year) is a seasonal ritual.

On Halloween nights in the past, costumed humans have appeared alongside the props in the yard (watch out for the tricksters pretending to be mannequins!).  Also, rumor has it that mega-sized candy bars are handed out to each and every trick-or-treater.  Granted, the homeowner is a dentist, but he's not trying to strum up some business by handing out massive amounts of sweets.  This is simply a man with a profound love for Halloween.  Our macabre republic has no finer patriot than Dr. Wayne Gangi. 

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